25 Things (a meme from Sonya)

Reposted from my FB.

1. I once responded to a spanking from my parents (the cause of which is lost to the ages) by saying “I’m surprised that didn’t even hurt!”. I was inspired to say this because I’d just read the Little House on the Prairie books, which I guess discussed the power of positive thinking? My Mom wasn’t amused.
2. I don’t like fish. I don’t like them swimming by me, and I don’t like eating them. Well, most of them. I’ll make exceptions.
3. One of my very favoritest movies is Strictly Ballroom.
4. My in-utero name was “Wayne-O”. I’m not sure if my parents knew my gender.
5. I sucked my thumb until an embarrassingly advanced age. It just occurred to me – just this very moment – that perhaps the thumbsucking actually did good things for my teeth by preventing me from grinding at night.
6. I wear a night guard now to protect my teeth because of the grinding.
7. The first computer my family owned was a Leading Edge, and I recall my sister chewing on rocks in the parking lot when we went to pick it up in Beloit in 1987.
8. I think I might have perfected chocolate chip cookies this year.
9. I’m really fascinated by Robert Cotton.
10. I was briefly married.
11. I have worn glasses or other corrective eye-wear since age 10, and contacts since age 13. I had coke bottle glasses. I might even post a picture of them.
12. I never believed in Santa or the tooth fairy, in part because the tooth fairy’s handwriting was suspiciously like my dad’s.
13. When I graduated from college, I tried to find a publishing job by basically cold-calling every publisher in the Chicagoland area, except that I only got through about the Cs before giving up.
14. I quit ballet at age 6 because it hurt my feet.
15. I signed up to “adopt” one of those kids from the very sad tv commercials, but then had to un-adopt by sending a sad note about how I had unexpected expenses and couldn’t afford to do this.
16. The unexpected expenses resulted from me breaking my clarinet. Because I whacked it against the case. Because I hated it. I was 12 (or so).
17. I’m a bit concerned that my children will never be as cute as Oscar.
18. I’m also a bit concerned (and SB can back me up here) that there’s a 50% (give or take) chance that whatever children I do have will be boys.
19. I did not vote for Blagojevich.
20. I also did not vote for Al Gore. In fact, I didn’t vote at all in that election, because I didn’t actually realize how important voting was until it was too late.
21. I have been commuting primarily by public transportation or foot power for four solid years.
22. I made an attempt to whiten my teeth once, but then I realized that I like coffee and red wine too much to make a difference.
23. I quit smoking three years ago, though I still have the occasional social smoke.
24. I thought about minoring in computer science, but that was mostly for a boy. In retrospect, I probably should’ve done it.
25. I really, really, really, really, really love being in the water. Or on the water. Or by the water. Maybe it’s a result of growing up with all that corn.


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