Well hey there, kind readers!  It’s been way too long!  In my defense, I was trying to do NaBloPoMo, but then I failed at that, so I guess I really have no defense.  That’s neither here nor there.

Since we last checked in, we made our first actual trip to Baltimore – Shane for the SPARC meeting, and me (along with Sipes) to meet Shane to see Iron & Wine at the worst venue in the history of venues (other than the always-stellar Murat Egyptian Room.  I’m eager to go back – to Baltimore, not the Ram’s Head LIVE! – when the weather’s nicer so that we can actually explore a bit.  I’m also craving more Icelandic yogurt from Carma’s Cafe.

Then! Sonya and Jason came down from Boston for Thanksgiving weekend!  They braved a terrible, terrible drive for a couple of days of hanging out, crafting, and excellent food.  Shane made an incredible pork shoulder for our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and then Tina joined us for the first Helpful Paws Collective Crafting Bee, and we prototyped a few things for our Etsy shop.  Amidst all of this, we spent quality time with Harper, Sappho, Michigan, and Iko.

And Then! we drove down to Harrisonburg for Thanksgiving dinner number two with the MacDonalds, Andy, Claire, and Dan.  Sarah made maybe the best turkey either of us have ever had, as well as a slew of delicious side dishes.  Claire tried some meat (her first in years!), and we spent an exceptional amount of time watching YouTube videos, especially:

This week we’ve mostly been catching up – on sleep, on homework (did I mention that I’ve scheduled my defense?), on the mysterious contents of our crisper (which I fixed!), and on the season.  We had our first serious bout of snow flurries last night amidst our fun Caturday with Sipes – brunch at Commissary DC, shopping at the Craft Mutiny Holiday Booty Market, Katamari, drinks at Fireflies, and then a serious amount of Planet Earth and music videos (remember those?) with Sipes and Adam.  We also managed – OK, it was totally me – to double-book ourselves and so had to miss out on fun with David & Mary Clare.  😦

And now it’s the end of the weekend, and we’re both wiped, but we did manage to put up our tree and wrap our presents and listen to Christmas music.

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  1. Awww… I like the Egyptian Room. That is very possibly because I’ve only seen comedians there, AND one time I was sitting with strangers (b/c I bought my ticket after my friends) and said strangers were middle-aged men who quite happily bought drinks for a poor college girl.


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