23 November

I haven’t really posted anything of substance in a few days.  Sorry about that.  I blame it on the fact that despite having to work yesterday, we managed to have a productive, fun, and friend-filled weekend.  Friday night’s date plan devolved into separate workplace happy hours, followed by an (always) awesome pizza at Rustico, where we scored a table just when we thought all hope was lost.  There’s just no explaining how good the pizza is there.  It’s THAT good.  We haven’t had one we didn’t like, though some seem to reheat better than others.  Anyway.

Yesterday we picked up our Thanksgiving stuff – a pork shoulder, wine, misc veggies, Nutella – and then had a fun-filled night of beer, wine, video games for 7 year olds, cats, and Sipes.  We were defeated at Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy, but made a really decent showing at Katamari.

This morning we revelled in our! new! coffeemaker!  It’s a crappy $25 deal from Target, but it brews FOR ME and also has a thermal carafe, both of which perfectly met our vaguely hung over needs.  The day was devoured by a trip to IKEA (resulting in a colorful new duvet, a cast iron casserole, and other miscellany), rearranging the house to accomodate the new miscellany (and discovering wonderful order in the process), leek and cheese soup, and tv while working on projects.  Mina sat in my lap without kneading for at least two hours.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all this, I really wish that tomorrow weren’t Monday – but at least this week is a short one, and I get to round it out with lots of time with visiting friends.  What are YOUR plans for Thanksgiving?

0 thoughts on “23 November

  1. I’m taking the train up to DC on Wed evening, and spending the night with my cousin. We’re all headed up to her parent’s (my aunt and uncle’s) house in Connecticut early in the morning — and we may or may not briefly stop by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!


  2. I’ll be finishing work on Wednesday, then picking up Phil in the Mouse, to head down to DC, to spend Thanksgiving with two of my most awesome friends. We’ll eat non-traditional Thanksgiving food, and sigh wistfully about other friends. Remember that time Basil and Keem played Trains? Did you know that El makes the best cranberry sauce? *sigh*

    Then we’ll get drunk!


  3. Since moving back to C-U in 2005, I’ve done the Turkey Trot each year and 2008 will be no different. This year will include the same cast of characters as last year: me, Sean, the short and loud people, and my dad, plus our dog Vada and my future father-in-law.

    After that, it’s home to cook and enjoy our time together.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, E!


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