17 November 2008

I really intended to get things done tonight, but instead I had hot chocolate with whipped cream AND chocolate syrup AND marshmallows and took a long bath to soak out the frustrations of the day.  Tomorrow will be another long one at work, followed by a drive up to Baltimore with Jackie and then IRON AND WINE!

SB has been in Baltimore since yesterday afternoon at a meeting/conference thing, which seems to be going well for him.  It’s odd to be home without him, though it’s happened with greater frequency in this apartment than either of the last two.  Something just feels – off – when he’s away, and I can’t wait for him to be home.


0 thoughts on “17 November 2008

  1. I’m obsessed with hot chocolate now that it has gotten so cold… only mine usually has cayenne pepper, and kahlua, and whipped cream. I have a Coco-motion cocoa maker, which makes it all frothy and tasty.

    Winter is going to make me fat. 🙂


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