13 November 2008

This post on Jezebel provided today’s blog topic: the morning routine.

Lo these many years ago, back when I worked at the bank and had about a 15 minute commute, I had my morning routine down to a science.  A SCIENCE, I tell you.  I would put on the teakettle and a sauce pan of water before I got in the shower, and by the time I was done, the water would be boiling.  I’d start my cup of tea brewing, slip in my egg to poach, and pop my toast in the toaster, and by the time i was done getting dressed, breakfast would be ready for me to devour while checking my email, getting me out the door just in time to get to work.

In the intervening years, my schedule got weirder, I changed from driving to the bus to biking to the bus to the train, and I went through a phase of working 14 hour days and also closing out the bars with my coworkers, meaning that there was no morning routine – I was lucky to just get out the door in (mostly) clean clothes and get to work something resembling on time.

Jezebel readers were asked for their ideal routine – and their actual routine.  Here’s mine:

Ideal: Wake up at 6:30 and either run or have a cup of coffee waiting.  Shower, then get back in bed and cuddle for awhile.  Breakfast with SB, then off to work, getting in around 8:30.  Believe it or not, this is actually possible.

Actual: Alarm goes off at 6:30.  I hit snooze until 7:15 or later, as SB and I take turns groaning at the morning, pushing the cats out of our faces (I’m talking about you, BASIL.), and cuddling in our very warm and soft bed.  I drag myself out of bed and turn on both heaters in the bathroom, where the tiles have turned into ice cubes overnight.  Feed the cats, who get into a fight and then either 1) refuse to eat or 2) eat everything and then beg for more or 3) both.  Quick shower, then breakfast (yogurt + granola) while waiting for SB to get up/ready to go.  Out the door any time between 8:15-8:30, getting me to work right at 9 with coffee in hand (if I’m lucky).

What’s your morning routine?


0 thoughts on “13 November 2008

  1. the alarm goes off at 6, and greg gets up to feed the cats and the dog. I doze, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes until 6:30, but no later. i get up, get some coffee, check my email, and then get in the shower by 6:45. once i’ve showered, dressed, and waved a hair dryer in the direction of my hair once or twice, i eat a quick breakfast (lately: ricotta on homemade bread, toasted, with apple juice), take the dog for a quick stroll, and am out the door by 7:30, which always makes me the first one at work.


  2. alarm goes off at 7:10. listen to morning edition for 5-30 seconds. hit snooze. turn over and hug e. repeat 2-3 times. get out of bed, pee, shower, shave a couple times a week. dress, hair, make quick breakfast protein shake. brush. if i don’t get on the laptop, i can do all this in about a half hour.


  3. Alarm starts going off at 5:45. I hit snooze several times. (lately until as late as 6:30!!!) Feed Oliver to shut him the hell up, take Chaplin out. Try to manage a quick shower and breakfast, scramble to get ready. Out the door by 7:30 at the very latest, which, assuming I don’t have to stop at every freaking traffic light, means I arrive right on time at 7:45.

    I HATE having to be there at 7:45. I don’t understand why our library has to be open that freaking early.


  4. My morning routine lasts many many hours since I’m a stay-at-home mom.
    Up when O wakes up, which is usually around 6:30. Feed him a milk snack, dipe change, O out of pajamas although I’m still in mine. Handoff to Daddy while I pee and brush teeth. Baby wrangling while L gets ready and goes to work. Breakfast with O at 8:30, more baby wrangling, change a poopy diaper and down for a nap around 9:45. Once he’s quiet for 20 minutes I get in the shower and the morning routine is finally over around 10:30. Let me tell you, it’s a glamorous life.


  5. The idea of eating breakfast at home on a weekday is so totally foreign that I actually just laughed at the idea.

    6 – alarm goes off and is snoozed unless Baby Girl has already staked her claim on the day.
    6:20 – someone (usually G) gets up and showers. Other person (usually J) provides Baby Girl with the available vittles.
    6:45 – bathroom trade. Baby Girl plopped in front of big mirror with toys. H is enouraged to wake & potty if possible.
    7 – usually G is out the door to walk 2 dogs while J dresses 3 kids (with E being the hardest to wake and dress). String cheese or raisins for the kids as they watch Peep and get their shoes on.
    7:20 – put food in bowls for various animals.
    7:25 – pry H off M, explain Earth’s magnetic core to E
    7:30 – G gets home with dogs as J gets around to dressing self.
    7:45 – G packs lunches, gets bottles together for Baby Girl, J does hair/makeup.
    8 – timeout for someone about something.
    8:05 – apologies all around
    8:06 – pack car with purse, bottles, stuffed animal for the day, any themes that need to go to school
    8:10 – J has anxiety attack about ever making it out of house
    8:11 – Shoes finally all on, hunt for coats.
    8:15 – Everyone dressed, oops forgot lotion for faces/hands
    8:16 – Into car
    8:17 – Back to house for H’s stuffed animal
    8:20 – on way to daycare.

    And if anyone so much as raises half an eyebrow about why I’m not at work at 8am… oooh…


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