I love living in Alexandria.  Things I love:

  • Taking the train to work and being above ground for part of the ride.
  • Walking to Buzz for coffee and a treat, a quiet night of reading, or a board game with friends.
  • The green!  It’s green everywhere in our neighborhood!
  • Having a neighborhood instead of living in high-rise land.
  • Living a short bike-ride north of Old Town, where there are lots of options for food, window-shopping, and wigs (seriously: two wig shops in the same block!).
  • Taking the train to U Street on Sunday seriously took me 24 minutes.
  • Easy access to DC and Rosslyn via the GW parkway.
  • Running by the river!  I get very distracted by planes taking off and landing, and by sailboats, and by omg hey it’s the river! Right there!

In short: we’re really happy with this move.  Really. Happy.

0 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. I miss living near a river. It’s excellent. Glad to hear you like your new home!

    I’m applying for a fellowship with the federal government, so we may be moving to the DC area if all works out.


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