26 September 2008

We’re in the middle of a fucking terrible financial crisis, and in the middle of the Political Season That Will Not Ever End Ever, and they evacuated the building across the street from my library this afternoon because of a suspicious package, and I read on the train that our CO2 emissions were up this year, with the end result being a prediction than in 100 years it won’t just be bad – it’ll be cataclysmic, and I’m just so tired of sad and scary news.  I’m tired.

0 thoughts on “26 September 2008

  1. i know. and all the things we do to try and be better people in the world — somedays they make perfect sense to me, and sometimes they don’t seem to matter at all.



  2. Hey, you know, we’re better able to cure disease than ever before. People who had what was a deathly illness 15 years ago can now live a long and healthy life. People’s lives are more comfortable than ever before. We have more resources (food, water, etc) to sustain life than ever before. We can pick who we love and choose to live with them regardless of their economic status, gender, or race. As a woman I am no longer property. I would say our ancestors would think life is pretty good now.


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