Coffee Advice

So, guys, I need some advice.

We have our Chemex, and we loooove our Chemex, but first thing in the morning when I’m half awake and it’s a little chilly – I really just want coffee to wake me up.  But having had our Chemex for a while, I want it to be good coffee – not burnt from sitting on the heating element coffee.  Also, SB wants a Burr grinder.

So, does anyone have a fabulous grinding and brewing coffee device that they love?  Or that they hate?  I think this is really the next step in our coffee evolution.

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  1. Mel and I have really enjoyed our burr grinder. It is coming to the end of its life, so we’re looking for a new one. Unfortunately, most of them have plastic receptacles for the grounds. If you can find one with glass or metal, you’ll be better off.


  2. I sooooo have the answer!

    I was at a great coffee house here in Portland called Coffeehouse NW. It has award-winning espresso drinks made by award-winning baristas.

    I drink espresso, not coffee. But one day, an employee brought in a vintage vacuum brewer. An older version of one of these:

    He brewed a “pot” and let me try it. So tasty!! No bitterness, no weird aftertaste. It’s quick, and it’s a damn cool way to make coffee.


  3. Have you ever tasted coffee from a coffee toddy? I’m not a discerning coffee drinker (I drink on average 1-3 cups a month), but years ago I drank iced coffee derived from concentrate brewed in a toddy and I really liked it. Could just be that I liked the dairy and sweeteners added.

    The cold brewing supposedly reduces acidity. This review and tutorial seems like a good introduction to what it is. Once you’ve brewed the coffee concentrate, you can keep it in the fridge for a couple weeks. Then you dilute a serving with water and either microwave it or add ice. I think the only possible drawback is that you brew in larger batches, so that’d be more cranking with the burr grinder if you were to get that.

    I’ve wanted to purchase a toddy for years but haven’t gotten around to it as our various brewing devices (currently a pod system) have been “good enough”. While the pods are very convenient, I don’t really like all the packaging waste involved. xmas is coming up so I might take the plunge.


  4. I always like a French press. As for a grinder, I also want a burr grinder. I hear that they make a huge difference, especially with French press. I researched burr grinders a while back and concluded that the Solis Maestro was the best value, based on what I read and heard from friends. If you’re going to make espresso, though, you might want to consider a Mazzer mini.

    If you get a burr grinder, let me know so I can come over and test it!


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