21 September 2008

A long weekend with lovely friends, about which more will be posted soon.

Fall is upon us tomorrow, and with it has come and/or is coming cooler weather.  The last few days have topped off in the 70s (though today was a bit higher), and it’s been delicious.  Claire said she doesn’t know how to feel about all of this, but I know how I feel: delighted.  I love fall and sweaters and knee socks and apple cider.  I love colorful leaves that go crunch under foot and how the days are sometimes warmer, but the nights are solidly cool.  I love the first time that we put the really soft wintery (but not flannel) sheets on the bed.  I’m not looking forward to the end of the growing season – but that’s a bit off from now.  Right now I can be excited about apples and squash and warm kitties seeking warm cuddles in the cooler nights.

0 thoughts on “21 September 2008

  1. Yeah, I think I’ve discovered over the years that I love ALL the seasons as they start – the first flowers of spring, the first cool nights and fall leaves, the first snowfall. Each time they’re new again, they make me insanely happy. 🙂 Thanks for an amazing weekend, love.


  2. Good news: cider is now available at the Del Ray farmer’s market (two gallons of which will soon be hard cider)

    Bad news: your tomato and pepper plants have already called it a season.

    Jersey sheets – yay or nay?


  3. I am so in love with fall! I’m definitely with you on the cider and the sweaters and knee socks. I love being cozy when it is chilly out. I’ve already made hot chocolate a couple of times, and the leaves are starting to change a little around here, too.


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