12 September 2008

In truth, I’m not at all disappointed that my class registration was messed up (and by that I mean, not completed despite me doing far more than I should have had to do), as it meant that I got home at a normal time, and SB took me out on a date, and tomorrow we get to do fun things instead of me having to be at school all day.  I’m feeling a strong urge to nest, so I imagine this weekend will be full of home-y things and also exploring Alexandria.  Having an utterly free weekend is a wonderful surprise.

Also, happy #24 to my little sister!

0 thoughts on “12 September 2008

  1. Isn’t it insane when registering for a class is that hard? I’m sorry it didn’t work out, love, but glad you get a free weekend to explore and relax! We’re so looking forward to next weekend. 🙂


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