10 September 2008

If there’s one thing that scares me more than public speaking, it’s cold calling.  I generally don’t like talking on the phone to begin with, much less talking on the phone with people I don’t know when I’m asking them for something.  Regardless, that’s how I spent a chunk of my morning – cold-calling building managers in the area on behalf of the farmers’ market near my work.

I’ve started reading a new book – Real Food by Nina Planck, daughter of two farmers that sell at the Courthouse market – and I suspect that I’m going to become even more insufferable when it comes to local eating.  So far it’s all about how ‘real food’ – the sorts of things that we humans have been eating for millennia – is in basically every way superior to the processed stuff that we now eat every day.  This coupled with an article that I read elsewhere (flaking on the source) about how we’ve commoditized home cooking has me extra inspired to think more purposefully about my eating beyond just thinking purposefully about the ingredients.

EDIT to add: Blogging Gastronomica: Convenience Food and Eating on the Go

0 thoughts on “10 September 2008

  1. That book is on my To Read list. I’m slowly plunking through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle between everything else going on and I think I’m in the same mindset as you, food is way too important to let it become so distorted to the point where it has. I was on a canoe trip years ago and at one of our campsites we happened upon a jar of CheezWhiz. The expiry date was 2 years passed and it still looked perfectly edible (no mould, no slime, no discolouration). THAT scared the crap out of me -how can it be even close to FOOD?!


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