1 September 2008

Spent the whole day moving.  The whole day.  Well, except for the part when I took a nap because my sleep was interrupted and the awake time from 3am-5am did nothing for my energy or productivity.  The worst part of the day wasn’t the carrying or lifting or stairs or unpacking – it was that one elevator was out of order, so at times we waited up to 20 minutes between trips.

The cats are being so good about the whole process – they’ve been mellow and curious, which is much better than Basil’s antics last year.  For those just tuning in, en route to Virginia last year Basil got so stressed out that he got really sick, but I guess now we can see that the kitty Prozac is actually working.

While I’m sure there are things that will be frustrating or disappointing about the new place – for now, we both love it.  Shane said that it immediately felt like home, even in the current state of crazy disarray.  This afternoon I sat on the floor after unpacking the kitchen and just enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze blowing through the apartment and felt – happy.  Tired, but happy.

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