Holding Pattern

A day of varying degrees of intensity.  Fantastic breakfast and a serious discussion over a second cup of coffee and the front page of the Sunday paper.  It feels kind of like a weekend, kind of like a vacation, except with a whole lot more work than either usually involve.  We’re both so ready to be done with this apartment and this shitty building – with the trash in the hallway and the ghetto neighbors and the elevators that never work and the stench of smoke and whatever it is that makes the Run smell so bad at night.

I felt at loose ends this afternoon – mostly done, not much to do until we actually start the move – but! we picked up our keys tonight and took the first carload to the new place, which already feels more home-y.  Shane played with the exiting tenant’s kitten and our landlord was super welcoming and we celebrated with cupcakes, despite the screw (!!) that SB found in the tire after running to Buzz.  The size of the kitchen is probably going to be an issue, but I think we can make it work.

And now, 9pm, home on the couch watching the IOWA GAME on the Big 10 Network, winding down for the night and trying not to think of a whole day of lifting and moving and unpacking tomorrow, followed by another of unpacking and cleaning – but then we’ll be done, and set, and in Alexandria, and out of The Carlton A Condominium.  And that will be a good thing

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