New Museum Fun!

My dear friend Erin Fae came down for a brief visit from NYC.  With all of the wonderful free things available to her in our fair city on the occasion of her first visit…she picked the National Postal Museum!  It was well worth the trek through the extreme heat – I learned about the Mailster, Victory Mail, and Owney the Dog, among lots of other things.  Erin Fae delighted the security guards with her excitement to the extent that they pointed her out to other guards, explaining that she came allllll the way from NYC and all she wanted to see was the Postal Museum.  Wonderful.

Day 358 - 7/20/08

On Sunday, we went to the US Botanic Garden, which Erin Fae and I had discovered on the Mall the previous day.  While going to a big glass building in 100 degree heat was a questionable choice, we had a really good time anyway.  In addition to beautiful and diverse gardens, the permanent exhibits were fantastic!  We were delighted by tactile and sensory Plants in Culture exhibit, where we pretended to be bees, smelling giant flowers that contained herbs, spices, and other plants that provide the base of perfumes or meals.

Shane is a BeeErin Fae is a beeI am a bee

The exhibits managed to be engaging for children while not condescending to adults.  The other permanent exhibit explained How Plants Work in both clear and scientific terms.  I also found my favorite museum sign to date:


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