Moving Uhgain

So, in the next 6 weeks we get to pack up our apartment and move again. The reason for the move is a good thing – the actuality of the move is going to suck as always. I spent some time this morning getting heavily addicted to Apartment Therapy. The dozens of beautiful and uncluttered apartments/homes have lead me to want to seriously declutter before this next move – well, the beautiful apartments as well as the knowledge that this time around, we’re doing most of the moving ourselves, with no handy work-paid-for mover men.

Since I know many of you have downsized, live a rather spartan lifestyle, or somehow make do in extremely tiny (Brooklyn!) spaces – how do you do it? If I wanted to make a dramatic cut in possessions – how would you recommend that I start? What have you gotten rid of that you now regret? What seems necessary but really can go? What strategies do you employ to keep the clutter from coming back?

(This is x-posted from my LJ with no regrets or apologies – only thanks for good advice!)


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  1. I absolutely love getting rid of things and I don’t think there’s anything I’ve gotten rid of and now regret. I think this is mostly because I consider the following questions before removing the item: when was the last time it’s was used? Does it have value (monetary or otherwise)? And would I miss it if it were gone? I try to be really scrupulous about this. If it’s a shirt that I love, but it doesn’t fit and hasn’t been worn in years, I try to consider if there’s another way to keep it (make it into something else). If I know I’m never going to get around to making other things with it, then it goes. If it’s some household good that’s been sitting around for years, just in case, but has never been used, then generally I get rid of it. If it was really helpful, you would have used it by now. And if you need it in the future, you can always buy another or borrow one from someone else (or find it on Craigslist, Freecycle, etc.). This rule does have some exceptions – emergency items for the car, for example. After I consider these questions and the circumstance, I make three piles: trash/recycle, give away, and sell. I try to do this every so often so the clutter doesn’t pile up.

    Short answer – Ask yourself: Do I *really* need this? Be honest. Take action. Don’t second guess yourself.


  2. Don’t look at me. I live in a big house in CU where the land is cheap. But I forgot you had told me you had a blog many moons ago until your name came up recently in a discussion of all things blog.

    I think you should ask yourself if the item in question is something Matt would hold on to. If the answer is yes, then you should chuck said item.


  3. Getting rid of stuff feels so damn good. We got rid of a ton of books, a ton, and they went to a books to prison project. Sasha still buys some books, but not me, I think we realized we keep them, display them for the image the represent, and I just decided, screw it, I loved reading these books, but in the many years I have been lugging them around, I have never really re-read 95% of my books, so they went. CD’s went as well, we downloaded everything, and kept about 100 of the albums we just couldn’t part with in a book of the over 500 hundred we had in their jewel cases. Clothes, bags, shoes went, If we hadn’t touched something in a year then it went. I realized that a person can only wear 1 bag at a time, and I got rid of more than half of them. I won’t buy more without weeding something either. Everything either was donated, put on freecycle or sold on Craigslist. I took the most important things from my youth and put them a box, which is sealed up in storage. I still feel like we have a ton of stuff, and am working hard on trying to get down to 500 things. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to let go of stuff, someone else will live to have your books and things and making people happy feels good!


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