Another Thursday night at the desk

Just for the sake of having something to write, here’s a short list of the questions I have answered since 5:45pm.

  • A request for guest wireless, which I set up with a smile.
  • Print problem #1: the print server is slow.  Fixed itself before I could get to it, as is generally the case with tech problems.
  • Print problem #2: frames will be the death of us all.  Whenever a patron comes to the desk with a sheaf of half-printed papers, I know they’re trying to print from a) Blackboard or b) Yahoo.  Right on both counts this time, and one more patron now knows how to right-click.
  • Another request for guest wireless.
  • “Do those copiers send faxes?”  No.  Go to Kinko’s.
  • A request for back-issues of GW publications – specifically “By George”, and specifically the most recent one.  Special Collections is closed, so I steal one out of my coworker’s mailbox.  Mental note: put it back before I leave.
  • An IM from a friend who is trying to find publication dates on a series of books.  The reference collection lets me down.  I totally marked this on the stats sheet even though it wasn’t technically a question from one of our patrons.
  • “Where’s the bathroom?”
  • “If I need something from a library in the consortium, can I just go there?” Yes.

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