By the Numbers: June 2008

Our total grocery spending was down this month, but that’s likely because our eating-out spending was up as a result of Bonnaroo.  Beginning July 1, we started tracking our eatings-out in order to provide us with better budgetary numbers going forward.  We’ll be moving to a new place in the fall, and being able to accurately calculate our expenditures will be important for our fiscal well being.

I’m really proud that this month we neared 50-50 on our market/non-market spending!


0 thoughts on “By the Numbers: June 2008

  1. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about food expenditures lately too. I hate going to the grocery store now, and rarely ever do. But, I also wonder sometimes whether I am saving money by shopping at the farmer’s market. Maybe I’ll try to figure it out. . . if only I had the time!


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