Tuesday this ‘n’ that

So at the beginning of the month, I had good intentions to post every day.  That very much didn’t happen.  Instead, I bring you the always classic bulleted list of stuff that’s going on.

Things I’m excited about right now:

  • Pimms & lemonade.
  • The good planning meeting I had today – one of the first good meetings I’ve had in a while.
  • Dinner, which is just waiting for SB to get home to eat it!
  • Finally achieving “regular” status somewhere.
  • New apartment!
  • Erin Fae’s impending visit.
  • Maybe volunteering for a farmers’ market event next weekend?
  • Cait had her baby!

Things that are going on but I’m not so excited about:

  • Crazy papercut on my index finger.
  • Finally running out of bath bombs after my January buying binge.
  • Having to pony up for various deposits almost 2 months before we recoup our old deposits.
  • Homework.  Augh.  I’m trying to be good about pacing myself, but I’m falling a little behind.
  • Cradle to Cradle is depressing me all to hell, but I’m reading it anyway.

What’s up with you?


0 thoughts on “Tuesday this ‘n’ that

  1. Speaking of Cradle to Cradle, I got to meet William McDonough (many times, actually) when I worked for the Red Butte Press, a fine art press that was part of the U of Utah’s Rare Books Division. I talked with him a lot as we were contracting him to do an essay for the last edition that I worked on before I became a film archivist. He was a really cool guy.


  2. 2nd on the Pimms & Lemonade. I discovered that our favorite bar in Springfield has Pimms and the guy made me a P&L on a hot afternoon. Refreshing!

    I use NuSkin on papercuts and other small cuts, it’s sorta like painting clearcoat nail polish on. Years ago I read that rock climbers use superglue on their torn up fingers. I tried it, it worked, I didn’t die.


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