Things I’m loving about the internet these days

  1. The influx of my library school friends on Good Reads. I get a daily digest of things that my friends are reading, or want to read, or have liked/hated enough to write witty and useful reviews. Many days I just skim, but some days there are real gems, and that makes me so happy.
  2. Farm to Philly, which served as my introduction to the One Local Summer challenge. Each week the blogger, along with regional coordinators, post links to dozens and dozens of participants’ blogs, where they’ve shared their exiting meals. Clicking through these links has also given me new, fun, inspirational things to read.
  3. Book Mooch, recommended by Karins, which has helped me clear off an entire shelf of my bookcase, while at the same time letting me pick up books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while. Financially the cost-benefit analysis doesn’t really work out, but I’m confident it will over time. I figure that I’m getting books that I want, giving books that I don’t want to people who DO want them, and earning a lot of Book Mooch points that I will cash in over time – and the money that I’m spending on shipping is money that I would otherwise spend on books anyway.
  4. I noticed recently that I’ve stopped making friends through the internet. That makes me sad, and so I think I’ve been seeking out opportunities to make friends by being more active in commenting. Whether or not this results in friends, we’ll see. Either way, I enjoy fostering the sense of connection and interest.
  5. Remember the Milk has kept me organized for the last couple of months. It’s fantastic. I’m a compulsive list maker, so being able to do all of that online, from the privacy of my inbox, and then have the lists available wherever is sooo helpful. I’m sure everyone else figured all of this out years ago, but I’m a new convert, and damned excited about it, too.
  6. I’m totally making this number up, but I think somewhere around 85% of my friends from Champaign are blogging or Twittering or Flickring or Facebooking or using some other form of internet technology to regularly update the world on their lives, their research, and their adventures. While just reading is a really passive way to feel connected, I do still feel very connected – and up to date! – on my friends’ lives, even if we don’t get to talk regularly. I’m very thankful for this.

0 thoughts on “Things I’m loving about the internet these days

  1. I actually discovered Remember the Milk just a few months ago and I totally love it. I need to explore the other ways of adding to my todo lists besides just doing it via the web interface, though. I hear people use Twitter too.


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