By the numbers: May 2008

Look! I can use Google to make charts and graphs!

Am I sure how we spent $428.43 on groceries and other household-y stuff last month? Not really. I mean, we have the numbers, but I’m not sure what they mean, exactly. There were a few splurges on alcohol, lots of cheese and meats for a fancy picnic, and things like that which put us over our budget for the month. On the whole, though, I think we’re coming out about the same as we were previously – we’re just buying better things, and eating better meals at home. Last night I was trying to remember exactly what it was that we ate prior to two months ago. I think a lot more frozen things.

0 thoughts on “By the numbers: May 2008

  1. Food is such a great thing. I love food. I wish I ate better food more often. And cooked more often.

    That said, I can’t imagine keeping close track of the amount of money I spend on food and alcohol. I think of that every time I eat out, especially if I end up putting the meal on my credit card. What’s up with that? It’s FOOD. It seems like things charged to my credit card should be more long lasting than a meal. By the time I get the bill, the food is barely a memory.

    Why am I ranting? Food is great, and you guys have been cooking some pretty yummy looking meals. Keep enjoying it and sharing it!


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