We here in #505 are a bit tired of this whole primary season, and are delighted to see things pull to a close assumedly in Obama’s favor.  (It’s interesting that when I did a spell check on ‘assumedly’, it suggested ‘assuredly’, which is what I’d like to think.  Thanks, Firefox, for the power of positive thinking!)  It’s been an interesting, exhausting process, especially here, in such close proximity to the nation’s capitol (or actually in the capitol, as I am right at this moment).  The massive voter turnout and level of engagement at every step of the process has really renewed our excitement and engagement as well.

There’s an Obama rally this evening at the Nissan Pavillion, but given their stellar record for dealing with traffic, and given the storms coming, and given the incredible lines at his rally in St. Paul yesterday, I think we’ll be staying home.  We’ll be there in spirit, though, and we’ll be there at the polls come November.

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