Eating and growing locally: week five

I have to say that we probably could have done better with our first OLS meal, but we were sooo hungry that we whipped something up with food from the market, smoked up the kitchen to the point that we had to have our patio door all the way open for half an hour to clear the air, and had our food completely devoured in under 10 minutes.

One Local Summer: week one


French tarragon sausage from Cibola Farms, grilled on the grill pan.

New potatoes, quartered and boiled with a hella amount of salt until tender, then topped with a little butter.

Peas in the pod simmered with butter and a small amount of water (and wine, if we’d had it, but we didn’t), then tossed together with fresh mint before serving.

Other updates in brief:Week 5: growing

  • a few more strawberries
  • flowers on the tomatoes gives me hope!
  • thinned and transplanted the lettuce, which is doing well
  • planted beans

Week 5: eating

  • fresh cherries from the market! also broccoli!
  • sliced, sugared, and froze 3 containers of strawberries.
  • made 2 jars strawberry-rhubarb preserves (YUM).
  • I tried my first buffalo. I likes!
  • SB says no more chard.
  • bought asparagus for canning, but discovered that the pressure cooker doesn’t have a weight gauge, so we may have to eat a lot of asparagus this week.

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