Eating and growing locally: week three

Week 3: growing

  • Cilantro is bolting – we need to decide whether we’re going to harvest the cilantro, or let it go to coriander. Maybe some of both.
  • Tomatoes totally beat up by 40-50mph winds and driving rain. I think the chopstick split plus a timely move inside may have been enough to save them.
  • One more strawberry that unfortunately rotted on the vine – we were hoping it’d get bigger. *sigh* Two more in the works!

Week 3: eating

  • omg amazing brunch of farm-fresh eggs, asparagus, and pork sausage (CH market), strawberries (DR) and mint from our garden, incredibly moist muffins made with FB market apples
  • Spring Farmers’ Market Soup
  • more eggs + sausage in breakfast burritos

I missed the market this week because I was in Chicago Wednesday-Sunday – Shane picked up more eggs (oh so worth the extra money), more asparagus, more strawberries, etc. On my flight to Chicago, I read Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally which, while annoyingly upbeat at times, was overall a good, easy to read account of eating based on the seasons and the region. By the end of the year, the authors said that their enjoyment of food had increased while their cravings (in general) decreased – they were satisfied with less because it was simply better.

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