Eating and growing locally: week one

We signed up for Farm to Philly‘s One Local Summer challenge, which begins June 1.  The challenge is to “make one meal each week using locally grown ingredients”, which we think is eminently doable.  We also planted our balcony garden last weekend, giving us the promise of fresh herbs all summer long, as well as a couple of kinds of small tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and maybe some lettuce as well.  I’m delighted to have the resources and opportunity to shop at the farmers’ market(s) and grow (some of) our own food – it’s bizarre to me given our long agrarian history that these things are now privileges rather than the status quo.
Week 1: growing

  • chives in Sunday’s scrambled eggs 
  • transplanted flat leaf parsley from the FB market
  • 2 beautiful strawberries! 

Week 1:  eating

  • turnips from the DR market, parboiled then sauteed in a vinegar-wine-butter reduction, for dinner on Friday
  • salad greens from the FB market for dinner on Friday, with more leftover
  • strawberries from the FB market for breakfast on Saturday
  • quiche from the FB market for lunch on Thursday

0 thoughts on “Eating and growing locally: week one

  1. I think it depends a lot on where you live too — in cities, it’s harder to get locally grown stuff, unless they have a nice farmer’s market.

    My family in Nebraska has this amazing bartering system. They have several chickens, who lay delicious eggs. Once a week, my great-aunt trades one or two dozen eggs for some fresh milk from a farm down the road (at least several miles… population is fairly sparse there). They make their own ice cream (YUM!) and can get other milk products from the same farm, usually by trade.

    When I was visiting, I was a little wary of the milk, because I’m not 100% sure it was pasteurized, and my aunt had a tendency to not keep it in the fridge as often as I thought she ought to. But the eggs were so good that when I was making deviled eggs, I initially forgot the mustard b/c the yolks were already very yellow.


  2. In cities you can get in on a CSA, so it is really easy to eat fresh local produce!

    Yay for you guys, this project sounds fun and could help people find ways to eat locally sourced food everyday.


  3. Yay! That challenge sounds absolutely doable. I’m now at the point where I think, how many meals per week is it acceptable to make without locally grown ingredients?

    Also, your post makes me want to get an herb garden started right away!


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