Weeding (tip of the week!)

I’m engaged in a never-ending battle against the accumulation of print materials.  You might have guessed that this was a problem, given that we’re a household of librarians who also have a small cat that likes to bite paper.  Sonya tipped me off last week to a great option for my no longer needed books – Powell’s!  Instead of having to sort through my books, load up a laundry basket, drive around to the myriad used bookstores, and get pennies on the dollar – you can enter in your ISBNs, review their offer, and then ship the books (postage paid) off to Oregon for their resale pleasure.  The only downside to this arrangement is that you get store credit instead of cash dollars – but really, that’s fine by me.

Powell’s Books – Sell Us Your Books


0 thoughts on “Weeding (tip of the week!)

  1. You could list them on Amazon marketplace or half.com too. I use Powells cuz I am lazy, but they are picky about books and their physical condition. They also give you wayyyyy less than they do at the store, which is only one of many reasons I am sad to no longer be a Portlander. 🙂


  2. Or..books to prisons programs. That is what we will be doing after our big pre-move weeding. I have already started the weeding, it is amazing how much we accumulate!


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