Grandpa Update

Grandpa came home from the hospital yesterday. Mom reports that he’s up and around – but very weak, so things like walking downstairs for breakfast, then back upstairs to shower are wearing him out. I guess this week they’re really trying to assess whether he’ll get stronger as a result of the activity necessary to live at home – or if the time has finally come for my grandparents to move out of their house. They’ve been guilt-tripping us with that threat for the last decade – but at this point I think we’d all be relieved, not sad, if they followed through on it.

Thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement.


0 thoughts on “Grandpa Update

  1. I understand. My mom’s mother and stepfather are now 82 and 93 and we are worried about them a lot more than we used to be.


  2. I’ve been taking care of my mama (90 y/o – dementia – lost all her nouns) for the past few years. My best advice is to keep them home, with adaptations, as long as possible. Every study I’ve seen reports that elders do better health-wise in their own home. On the other hand, unless you have the funds for caregivers, a group living situation may be the only way.

    Whatever happens, I understand the angst that aging parents/grandparents causes.


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