Just like in With Honors (kind of)

There’s an article in the GW Hatchet today that reports that a student has been living in the library for basically the last month after getting kicked out of University housing for financial reasons.  I think it’s most interesting that we AT THE LIBRARY are just hearing about this now!  We’re wondering if this will be addressed – not that those of us who leave at 5 can really do much about a student who comes back and sleeps on our couches in the middle of the night – or if it will be ignored.

Also, who knew that parts of With Honors were filmed in Champaign!

0 thoughts on “Just like in With Honors (kind of)

  1. I also knew! It’s the very closing scene where they’re walking away after graduation. Filmed between Lincoln Hall and Gregory Hall near Foellinger.


  2. Yeah seriously, that kid looks like he’s in jr. high. Wasn’t there a movie about a couple kids who camped out in an NYC library?

    I passed by the quad the day they shot that scene. Patrick Dempsey was running around a bunch of extras. In addition to the banners, I think they put up a couple fake trees in front of Foellinger.


  3. they totally told us that on the tour! also the joke about wright street (if you’re on one side of the street you’re in urbana and the other you’re in champaign, so what are you in the middle of the street? about to get hit by a bus! which is less funny because that girl actually did get hit by a bus and died).


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