Not Pretending to Be Rocky (unlike everyone else)

Not Prentending to be Rocky (unlike everyone else)

We spent the weekend in Philly, visiting our dear friend Karin and her wonky cat Gloucester. Along the way we ate lots of good food, saw Kasey and Paul, met Rachel and lots of other library people, and saw a few of the Philly sights. Right now I’m so tired from travel and metadata that I can hardly see straight, but I will say that we definitely had fun, we definitely ate a lot of bacon, and we’ll definitely be going back to visit soon!


Today I felt like a real life librarian

– I spontaneously helped someone at the desk and adequately answered all of her questions, though I had to flag someone down to find the specific thing (the school’s faculty/staff newsletter from this week) she requested.

– I attended a presentation on Open Access publishing and actually knew what Cathy was talking about.

– In class tonight, we talked about metasearching and federated searching, and I actually knew what we were talking about.

So that’s pretty cool.


I don’t often covet the silly or expensive things that I see around on campus. I don’t care about the Prada bags or the sunglasses that probably cost more than my entire outfit.

Today, however, I find myself intensely longing for the brightly colored rain boots that the undergrads all seem to be wearing.

Adios, Bob & Edith’s

Our friend Mike alerted us to the fact that the diner kitty-corner from our apartment building has closed:

Bob & Edith’s 2 Site Under Contract
The property at 4707 Columbia Pike at S. Buchanan St. has found a buyer.
A local development company has signed a contract to purchase the .87
acre site and is planning to build a 4-story mixed-use building in
accordance with the Form Based Code. The site was once the home of a Roy
Rogers restaurant, and more recently was used for the second Bob &
Edith’s diner. The diner closed its doors on January 25, and patrons are
encouraged to visit the original diner at 2310 Columbia Pike.

While we only had pretty mediocre food and service there, I will miss Bob & Edith’s. We went there for breakfast while apartment hunting, and at the time, having a diner nearby definitely sweetened the whole living in a highrise deal. Here’s hoping that something interesting is built in the space – and not just another strip mall or check cashing place.

Voting Day!

Today I was Democratic voter #131 at our polling place – the fitness center down the street. It kind of felt like voting in a hockey rink, which was exciting in and of itself. Shane had a peek at the log, and the ratio was approximately 10:1 Democratic to Republican.

It took me two hours to get home tonight in the cold and freezing rain – 20 minutes to go four blocks in DC alone. Fortunately, when I got home there was really great news – Virginia for Obama, hooray! Fingers crossed that the rest of the year continues to look up.

Losing the Coffee Battle

Sometime in early January, I finally gave in and went to Starbucks.  It was cold, I didn’t feel good, and I just needed something warm and caffeinated.  The Coffee Man was closed for the holidays.  It was Starbucks or tears at my desk, and we all know that no one wins when desk crying is involved.

So, I went to Starbucks.  And then I went again, telling myself that I’d resume going to the Coffee Man when he reopened at the beginning of the semester.  I justified this by the fact that if I didn’t spend my coffee dollars there, they’d go to a different corporation, so I wasn’t supporting local coffee shops anyway, not that there are any immediately close to my work anyway.

Well, school’s been back in session for about six weeks now, and I’m afraid to say that Starbucks is winning me over.  The long lines suck, but I have yet to have a disappointment in my beverage or food choices – as opposed to the Coffee Man, who has consistently left me with a mouthful of grounds, or not enough foam, or an overflowing travel mug of hot water for my tea.  I want to support him, but I also don’t want to pay my $3 for a beverage I’m going to dump out halfway through.

I feel like I’ve betrayed my roots, friends, but rest assured that as soon as a better alternative presents itself – or we live or work somewhere less adjacent to Starbucks – I will resume my boycott.  For now, though, I’m going to drink my tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte and get back to work.

New Management

I just read that Caffe Paradiso is changing ownership. The new owners are a Korean couple who previously owned a cafe in Seoul – it wasn’t clear from the article whether they’re now living in the area or not. Paradiso has a very special place in my heart, and I hope that it retains the same magic under its new owners.