Philly and Cheese

We spent Presidents’ Day weekend in Philly – our first weekend away since moving here at the end of the summer.  I had never been, and Shane had only been there on a layover, so we were very excited about a new city! and also seeing several grad school friends.

Since we were more focused on hanging out than a strict site-seeing agenda, we spent a lot of time just wandering around.  Oh yeah, and eating.  Oh, the eating.

On Saturday, Karin took us to Reading Terminal, where we had apple dumplings, an awesome pretzel, and Karin bought three pounds of bacon from one of the Amish vendors.  All of the Amish stands reminded me of the Amana Colonies.    We met up with Kasey and Paul and then walked to Di Bruno’s, where we spent a great deal of time with the charming cheesemongers who insisted that everyone try a variety of things.  I would like them to be my neighborhood cheese men.

Karin’s awesome friend Rachel met up with us later, and we went on an ill-fated trek around to a variety of bars in search o of a place that could house the crew of library people that were supposed to be meeting us out.  We ended up at Plough and the Stars, where we shared a cheese plate and a mezze plate (that’s not the name, but that’s essentially what it was).  Most of Karin’s friends flaked for a variety of reasons, so we stuck around until the bar was oppressively full and I was exhausted, then Shane and I called it a night – but not before we all stopped to grab a slice on the way home.  Mmmm, cheap slices.

On Sunday we ate a good portion of Karin’s bacon, then went on a wandering tour of her neighborhood, passing by the Eastern State Penitentiary. We opted not to go in because Karin was creeped out, and because it was $9 each, but we did peek inside.  It’s very creepy and odd, and surrounded by what appears to otherwise be a normal neighborhood.  We grabbed coffee and a giant vegan moon pie at a cute coffeeshop across the street.

Carrying on, we walked by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where lots of people were making fools of themselves running up the steps like Rocky (as previously mentioned).  The line was way too long, so we just took pictures, saving our money for the much smaller Rodin Museum.  Karin said that in the summertime, she sometimes walks over to the museum’s courtyard for lunch – I’m very jealous.  Karin then took us on an in depth tour of Free Library, including the secret staff-only spots.  We got stickers and found our birth years in the display of Read posters in the children’s section.

After the library, we all piled into Rachel’s car and drove to South Philly, where we had dinner at Cantina Los Caballitos.  The blood orange margaritas were fantastic, and I had a pile of awesomeness made up of seitan and grilled veggies.  Kasey wasn’t feeling well, and we had all had enough to drink, so the night ended at Karin’s with cheese and Law & Order (of course) after a side trip to random outer parts of Philly.

Monday morning we had brunch at Sabrina’s (yum, but omg way too much food), then hit the road home.  A few other highlights of the weekend included playing laser mouse (and chamois hand) with Gloucester, talking library stuff and having a guy from Elsevier eavesdrop on our conversation, and an underaged hipster army.  We had a great time, and can’t wait to visit again soon!

0 thoughts on “Philly and Cheese

  1. Love the Reading Terminal and Sabrina’s; my brother used to work at Sabrina’s and we go every time I’m in Philly. I’ve never gone to the Eastern State Penitentiary but I’ve driven past it a zillion times. It’s supposed to be awesome on Halloween. Sounds like you had a really fun trip!


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