Wherein I Whine Again

Mass transit whinge: While waiting at the bus stop this morning, I saw the bus to Pentagon City approaching from a couple of blocks away. I moved towards the normal boarding point, while another girl started sprinting towards the bus stop from about a block away. As we both moved to the correct location, the bus pulled up, barely slowed down, sort of stopped about half a block past the bus stop, and then continued on down the street without ever coming fully to a stop or acknowledging the few of us who were waiting for that specific bus. Jerk bus driver.

Internet whinge: Our cable is out again. A service guy was at our place last week (I think) after our internet service went out, but our cable tv remained on. Bizarre, right? He fed us some line about the wiring in the building and not being able to get a fast connection in (or was it out?), and claimed to fix it – and then yesterday, it went out again, same deal. Really, really tired of this!

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