Mass Transit, part two

Remember how I was in love with DC’s mass transit?  Today it can suck it.

Item #1: suicidal bus drivers.  I have no idea what compels the drivers of the 22A to play NASCAR between the hours of 5pm-7pm, but my ride home has gotten consistently worse, and one of these days I really am going to either get tossed out of my seat entirely or throw up on someone.  Really, really sick of it.

Item #2: sinkholes.  Shane just waited in the 20mph wind (with gusts up to 35mph) for 45 minutes for a bus that was delayed by a sinkhole that apparently didn’t affect any of the other drivers on the road.  He’s on his way home from a conference in Beltsville, MD – about 25 miles away – and it’s easily going to take him two hours to get home.

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