Hey thanks!

Today we’re back to work after a long and fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend.  Pictures are forthcoming, but I just wanted to mention how wonderful it was to be surrounded by friends all weekend long.  Thanksgiving is my most favoritest of holidays, and this was the first year in five that I didn’t spend it with my family.  Having friends visiting and to visit went a long way towards diminishing my sadness.

Jason, Sonya, and Keem arrived VERY early Thursday morning and stayed through Saturday morning.  We had our fancy Thanksgiving meal Thursday night – turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, lingonberries (in place of cranberry sauce), and pie.  We did the prep work and dishes around a drawn-out game of trains, so the whole evening felt relaxed and fun rather than stressy and prep-y and clean-up-y.  For once in the history of Thanksgiving, we made just the right amount of food, as all the leftover save one slice of turkey were gone by the end of Friday’s lunch.  We had other small adventures – a failed trip to the zoo in the midst of a windstorm, a Thanksgiving pizza, a trip to the National Gallery – but mainly it was wonderful to pretty much just pick up where we left off the last time we were all together, which was almost a year ago, before J&S moved to Massachusets.

After delivering Keem to the Metro, Shane and I picked up Andy and drove down to the MacDonalds’ for Thanksgiving #2.  Darren and Hannah had driven down from Philly the previous day, and the seven of us enjoyed another dinner, more games, and a great deal of silliness.  Sarah, Hannah, and I have celebrated Thanksgiving together since I moved to Champaign in 2003, so it was nice to carry on that tradition, though it will be harder as we continue moving further apart.

I think it was really good for both of us to have a lot of relaxing and fun time with friends after being pretty lonely in VA so far.  The only down side is that everyone had to go home.  😦


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  1. It has been fun to have thanksgiving these past years… and it was great to keep up the tradition for one more! Miss you; it was great to see you guys this past weekend.


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