A Word of Caution About Our Building

The cable guy was just here because yesterday morning, our cable mysteriously stopped working.  No TV, no internets, no nuttin’.  We were told that if there were three calls from our building, someone would be sent out right away.  Well, as of this morning, we still had no ‘nets, so we called Comcast again, and Shane headed off to a bar in Crystal City so that he could watch the Bengals.

I learned a couple of very interesting things in the hour and change that the cable guy was here:

  1. Most apartment buildings have a centralized cable area by floor, meaning that when Joe Cable Guy comes out to do an installation or disconnect, he has to sort through one floor’s worth of cables.  Not our building.
  2. Our building has all the cables for the ENTIRE building in one messy little room, meaning that when Joe Cable Guy comes out to do a disconnect, he is just as likely to disconnect the wrong apartment as he is the correct one.
  3. In addition, cables pass through floors haphazardly, meaning that we have random cables in our closet that don’t have anything to do with our account.  Do you see where I’m going here?
  4. When our cable was connected lo these two months ago, the cable guy couldn’t figure out which cable was ours and, lacking the will or intellect to persevere in this difficult task, he patched us on to someone else’s cable.
  5. This patching resulted in weird connectivity problems, distortion on the TV signal, and general slowness until yesterday, when the other account was (apparently) disconnected.

Many thanks to the cable guy for figuring all of this out, and returning our ‘nets to previously unheard-of speeds!  This will make doing work at home MUCH easier.

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