A Perfect Saturday

We’ve been remiss of late at posting about our adventures. I blame this primarily on Shane’s lack of interest in uploading the funny photos and videos he’s taken lately. I blame this secondly on the fact that my computer has been on the fritz in one way or another for a good part of this month, and our internet has been flaky at home.

That said, we had a really nice day yesterday, which I will attempt to recount in a bulleted list:

  • sleeping in until 9am!
  • banana pancakes for breakfast
  • a good run before lunchtime (four weeks down, five to go)
  • lunch at Ireland’s Four Courts, where we managed to catch the Iowa-Michigan State game (the first game I’ve managed to see all season)
  • Iowa unbelievably pulling off a 34-27 win in double overtime
  • a nice walk from Rosslyn to Georgetown
  • new shoes for work that are cute AND practical!
  • espresso and a snack at Le Pain Quotidien, and a nice walk on to the Metro in Foggy Bottom
  • Thurn and Taxis before bed (except that Shane destroyed me!)

This week will probably go by in a flurry of activity (and irritation, if our internet continues to be down) – I’m in town through Wednesday morning, then I fly to Chicago to lead two half-day workshops at ALA, then on to Champaign for a brief visit, returning to DC Sunday afternoon. I won’t possibly be able to see and do all I’d like while in Champaign, but if you haven’t already heard from me and want to get together, drop me a line.

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