mmm, cake

SB and I just got back from seeing The Darjeeling Limited, which was fine, but is ultimately not as important as what we did just prior to the movie.We had cupcakes.

A new cakelove location just opened in Shirlington a few weeks ago,  and I would say that I’m embarassed that we’ve been there three times already, but really, I’m not.  I like cake.  Who doesn’t like cake?  Wrong people, that’s who.

The whole cupcake deal seems to be that for $3, you get either chocolate or vanilla cake with one of a variety of fancy frostings.  So far I’ve had chocolate with German chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter, and chocolate with lime.  Shane has had chocolate with chocolate ganache, chocolate with straight-up chocolate frosting, and then tonight he branched out, going for chocolate CAKE with toffee something-or-other frosting.  We also had samples during last weekend’s Oktoberfest, but I can’t say that I really remember what they were.

The most torturous thing about cakelove is that when you buy your cupcake, it comes out of a refrigerated case BUT won’t actually be at its best until it’s warms up to room temperature.  Shane takes this whole cupcake-warming business very seriously, which lead to a great deal of teasing when I just couldn’t wait for German chocolate cake.  We let the second batch get all melty on our long beer-sodden walk home last weekend, resulting in a very sticky and very quick cupcake treat.  Tonight, just like Goldilocks, they were just right.

I’m really not at all interested in furthering this cupcake trend – I think it’s really pretty ridiculous – but at the same time you definitely won’t hear me complaining about fancy cake treats in my neighborhood.

0 thoughts on “mmm, cake

  1. I’m shamelss about my excitement for the new cupcake bar that’s supposed to be opening sometime soon in downtown C.

    cake cake cupcake!


  2. Mmmm, cake. I didn’t know about that new cakelove, either. I am so out of touch with the Shirlington universe.

    BTW, the cupcakes at Buzz (across from Rustico) are killer, though also expensive.


  3. Man, I love cupcakes, even if they are the new trendy thing right now. I also can’t wait to see Darjeeling Limited, even though I am geared up to be disappointed by it.


  4. and isn’t it nice that you can actually see a film showing at LIMITED theaters? and now you won’t have to worry about a film you want to see passing by your town altogether!


  5. When I was in DC for ALA Annual, my friends Lisa, Rachel and I had a bit of a problem with cake slices from Cakelove. Lisa and I walked there and got I don’t even remember how many slices (like seven or some such craziness) to bring back to the hotel and try out between the three of us. I was fantastic… although a little sickening. Thank god we didn’t eat them all.

    And yeah, I love those bleeding cupcakes. Another friend sent them to me as well. I may try to make them, but I’ve also sent the recipe to Lisa who is for sure going to make them.


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