Shane has nuts in his pocket

Shane has nuts in his pocket

Happy hour is apparently a big thing here, as we discovered Wednesday night. We met up with CouchSurfer Mike and his friend Mark for some drinks and half-priced pizza at Birreria Paradiso in Georgetown. Shane, Mike, and Mark like nerding it up about beer, and something particularly magical was on draft that night. Don’t ask me what it was – if there’s one thing I know nothing about (OK, there are many things I know nothing about), it’s beer. I know what I don’t like (IPAs, which puts me in the minority in this group), but I’ll try just about anything.


The pizza was awesome, and I had a couple of excellent beers. We got there a bit late, so we were stuck kind of in the middle of everything, in close proximity to a table of Very Loud People (and also, strangely enough, a very large pile of firewood that had its own beer). At some point I think the Very Loud Laughing coming from the Very Loud People directly triggered the events that led to Shane having nuts dumped in his pocket by Mark, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

I’ve sort of run out of things to say about the whole nuts thing, but I will say that while SB is my best friend and I love doing things with him, it was awfully nice to be Out With People as well. Oh, and we’ll definitely be going back for happy hour.