A damned fine cup of coffee

I’m currently working from home in order to finish up some projects for my Midwest employer before I start my new fancee library job. Because isolation plus homesickness is a precise recipe for depression, I’ve been trying to spend at least half a day in coffeeshops or otherwise out in public. On Monday, I went to Bear Rock Cafe in Shirlington – I was in the area anyway, and I needed a sandwich, so… It was totally adequate, though the servers seem to be easily confused by any deviation from the menu. They have wireless, but I ended up on their neighbor‘s network.

On Tuesday, I decided to find the coffeeshop that we drove by Sunday night while en route to the Galaxy Hut. After a fortuitous wrong turn, I ended up right behind Murky Coffee, which reminds me a great deal of Caffe Paradiso, my beloved coffee and homework spot in Urbana. The coffee was great, and absoutely my only complaint was the lack of real food, though they do seem to have plenty of breakfast-y baked goods.

On Wednesday, I found my way to Rappahannock, which was generally unimpressive and just like a very generic Aroma. The signs encouraging folks to “Meet your neighbor by sharing your table” were charming, but the barista’s total confusion at my order of apple cider (which was on the menu) pretty much convinced me that I don’t need to go back.

SB’s a devotee of Jazzman Cafe, but that’s a little far afield for me, and I’ll leave the discussion of it to him. I, after all, have a big cup of coffee, Spoon, and a bunch of hipsters to hang out with.


Bed and Breakfasts That Don’t Suck

Shane and I are talking about going away for the weekend, and I spent some time tonight trying to figure out the closest destination where we could go see the ocean. I suspect we’ll settle for Chesapeake Bay and go to Annapolis, but we’re definitely thinking about a sweet weekend away in Chincoteague in the spring. We’ll be staying here if I have anything to say about it.

Looking at bed and breakfasts online, though, led to the following conversation:

me: When we’re retired and living a life of leisure on our librarian earnings, can we open a bed and breakfast that doesn’t suck?

SB: Definitely.

me: You know, one that isn’t all foofy and stuff?

Today’s my last day in town. I said goodbye to several dearly loved coworkers during the course of a very strange day – strange because while I’m moving away and won’t be seeing them for at least a few months, if not longer, I will still be working with them for another couple of weeks. Tonight I will celebrate with many friends, and say goodbye to many more people, places, and things I have treasured in many different ways in my four years here.

And tomorrow I will load the rest of my things in

I’m a stranger here myself

The weather has been perfect here for the last few days, which has made extended wandering all the more appealing. It was in the mid-60’s when I left for the gym this morning at 7:15, cool enough to necessitate a light pullover. This is absolutely my favorite time of year, and my favorite time for being in the Midwest, which makes the coming departure all the more bittersweet.

I spent all day Sunday – bookended by meals with friends – wandering around town, taking in favorite places for the last time for a while. The peace and silence of walking has made me long for the Camino again. I don’t think the Camino was originally on my list of things to do before my 30th birthday, but I think it should be. It seems very close to me these days.