Up all night? Not so much.

Last night SB and I decided that we didn’t feel like sitting around the apartment, so we picked up a puzzle at Target and decided to head out for a cup of coffee, a bite of dessert, and some quality puzzle time.  We made our way to Murky – only to discover (to our great dismay) that it closes at 9pm.  9pm!  What the heck is that?

Not easily swayed from our goal of puzzles and caffeine, we drove to The Java Shack – also closed!  I perused their website just now and discovered that they actually close at 8pm.  8pm!  Where are hipsters with homework supposed to go hang out, feed their caffeine habits, and obsessively pace around like the Kopi Pacing Guy?

Next stop was the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in the Courthouse area – I’ve been eyeing this place for morning working potential, and so hoped that maybe, just maybe  they’d be open.  No dice (5pm).

We considered The Galaxy Hut, but decided that beer + small tables + low light + puzzle = disaster.  Instead, we drove back home-ish, making a last-ditch effort in Shirlington Village.  That Bear Place closed at 10pm, so it was out, but Busboys & Poets was still open – til midnight, hooray! – so we camped out at a low table, ate some cheesecake, and put together about 30% of the puzzle before calling it a night.

Lessons learned: we’re not in a college town anymore, and evenings are clearly for drinking, not caffeinating.

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