Good Things: Friends Edition

  1. A very ideal temporary housing situation with Molly
  2. Games with Jimi, Karin, and Amanda on Wednesday
  3. Pizza and TV and much needed relaxing with Keem on Thursday
  4. Much needed hugs from Karen on Friday
  5. Goofy “beauty boot camp” and dinner with Amanda and Jen on Friday
  6. Wii and snacks with Keem, Kasia, Erin, Jadon, and Josh still later on Friday
  7. Hugs from Kevin at the Market Saturday morning
  8. Breakfast and a sad goodbye with Carl later Saturday
  9. Relaxed and fun conversation with Ryan in Bloomington Saturday afternoon
  10. A long, albeit interrupted, phone conversation with Sarah while driving home from Bloomington Saturday afternoon
  11. Just bumming around Molly‘s place while she and Aaron had pizza and played video games
  12. Still more movies with Keem Saturday night
  13. Lots and lots of time on the phone and Skype with SB as often as we can fit it in (and afford it)

All my wonderful friends have made it easy to get through the last couple of weeks – and are making it awfully hard to start the round of goodbyes – or “see ya later”s – that have to happen this week.

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