Exit Strategy

SB’s going-away thing was Friday night, and after the chaos of trying to wrangle friends in the middle of a busy, crowded bar, I decided that I definitely did NOT want to do that for my departure. I would much, much rather spend quality time with a few people at a time over the next few weeks – lunches, dinners, drinks after work, other small outings. Consider this my notice that I’m going to make every effort to see lots of people before I go, despite my weird schedule, and if you haven’t heard from me, please bug me until we get together.

I told SB last night that I feel like I’m only looking forward at this point – to my move, my new job (whatever it will be), and my life together with SB. There are a lot of things for me here, and I’ll be really sad when I do leave, but I’m ready to move forward.

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