I wish I was one of those girls who can cry prettily – you know, quiet tears delicately streaming down soft pink cheeks. Good god, that’s not me. I’m more the sobbing, snuffling, red-eyed, blotchy-cheeked, red-faced, can soak a pillow in five minutes kind of crier. I’ve had some practice.

SB left for Virginia today. We loaded up his car this morning, packed the cats in their carriers, and said our goodbyes. He texted me I believe before he had even made it to the freeway. If we’re lucky, I’ll see him in about two weeks. If we’re not, it’ll be a little more than three. Three weeks is not a terribly long time in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like a very, very long time when one has to come home to a nearly empty and quite lonely apartment after a very busy, stressful, and emotional week.

I said to Keem this morning that I think that ultimately the next few weeks will be a good thing for me as they will give me a chance to consider the alternatives and remember why I made the choice that I did.

I’m still sad, though.


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  1. Are there people out there who actually cry prettily? If I even start to get sad my face gets red and splotchy and snotty.

    I hope you are feeling better, don’t feel bad for being sad. I hear you about emotional weeks! Gah.


  2. I’m also surprised at the taking of the kittems. Though, no doubt, this was a much mulled over decision and I’m for certain there is an iron-clad reason behind it.


  3. You are welcome to come over to our house if you feel lonely, or need to be around a nutty kitty. Oliver would love to cheer you up, and we plenty of food to feed you as well. Oh, and lots o’packing materials if you need some. Just come by whenever you need some company. Maybe Mr. Cuerda can stay w/Oliver and we can ride our bikes down for a drink!


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