– Tonight we were starving after the gym and so resorted to ordering empanadas from Manolo’s Pizza and Empanadas. Between the two of us, we tried the following: San Telmo Jamon, San Telmo Carne, Cheese & Corn, Roasted Chicken (2), and Mushroom Thyme. All were excellent in different ways, and we’re looking forward to trying other options.

– It’s incredibly wonderful to come home from work at 5pm and not have to do anything school-related. I should be working on my presentation for next week’s interview, but not YET.

– Sid has been exceptionally talkative. We suspect that it is because we (Basil too) keep sitting in her spot.

– Tonight we played putt putt with Jimi and Karin, who has just returned from Colorado. I’m TERRIBLE at putt putt but had a delightful time nonetheless. It makes me sad that we started hanging out with the two of them so late in the game.

– This weekend we went to TWO movies: The Bourne Ultimatum and Stardust. Ahh, delicious air conditioning.

– Shane is on the phone with his mom, which means that we are not playing Lego Star Wars, which makes me sad.

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