Pandas and snacks

You know who loves pandas? Shane Bee. Shane Bee LOVES pandas. So I’m sure he will be delighted to hear that a panda at the San Diego zoo is pregnant. Go panda!

On an unrelated note, I had my first Belly Bar today. Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant (despite my office’s best attempts to jinx me) – I’m just a completest when it comes to bar investigations. I had the Baby Needs Chocolate bar, which was, like many other bars we’ve talked about before, full of crispy weirdness and a thin layer of chocolate. It had a secretive cherry flavor, which I rather liked, but maybe that was just my not-pregnant body telling me that I was missing out on something because I’m not gestating. Whatever, body.

The stats: 170 calories/6 g fat/22 g carbs/12 g sugar/8 g protein

0 thoughts on “Pandas and snacks

  1. I was stuck at Fields the other day, looking for a bar I hadn’t tried, and I almost got one of these… but then I decided I didn’t want to give my body any funny ideas.


  2. The Belly Bars did not live up to the chocolate satisfaction I was needing when I was pregnant, but they did give me the strength tp schlep around Meijer, carrying the kicking baby in my belly.

    Have you tried the Lara bars? I really, really, really like the ginger snap.


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