Things I will miss, installment #1

I don’t think I’ve mentioned here how much I enjoy riding the 7:30 bus. At or around 7:30, just about every bus that passes through the Terminal arrives there, crowding in and allowing passengers to change between buses. The drivers get off and say good morning to each other. After a few minutes of shuffling, the buses make their way out in a long winding line, flagged on and out by someone from the MTD. The sight of all the buses lined up and that one guy waving them all off on their way is enough to cheer me up, even on the worst of mornings.


0 thoughts on “Things I will miss, installment #1

  1. Because I don’t have my own blog, I hope you don’t mind if I put something I will miss here.

    The Village Bakery is right next to the train station on the edge of Downtown Davis. The walk is only a couple of minutes from home. I love stopping in for a slice after a morning at the cafe. They have pizza by the slice and they always give you the biggest slice they have on the tray. Cheese, pepperoni, or veggie with feta (my favorite).

    Also, tamales at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning make a great hangover breakfast (high in protein). Better have a lemonade too.


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