I had written a longer post, but WP doesn’t autosave, and now it’s gone.

I’ll probably go to hipster hell for saying this, but Pitchfork has been a disappointment so far. Granted, I wasn’t there on Friday – but today was decidedly blah. I was a fan of the short water lines, the expanded food selection, and Flatstock. Finally getting to see Iron & Wine was pretty damned great as well, though there were too many tall people, and we couldn’t hear much from where we were sitting. Tomorrow should be better – Jamie Lidell, Of Montreal, De La Soul, and The Field, among others. The Field’s From Here We Go Sublime is one of my favorite discs so far this year, so I’ll definitely be staking out my spot early!


0 thoughts on “I had written a longer post, but WP doesn’t autosave, and now it’s gone.

  1. Jason saw Jamie Lidell a while ago, and apparently it was extremely impressive. During his set, his computer went down, so he began beatboxing, and started into his next song acapella. As he sang (beautifully), he went about fixing his computer, and was able to bring in the backbeats for the second half of the song. Doesn’t that sound like an uber-geek-awesome-music-triumph?


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