mid-term review

Good god, the year is half over.

  1. Finish Old Chicago World Beer Tour.
    – 4 beers to go, which means I’ll finish the next time I’m home. Wall of Foam, here I come!
  2. Rate my entire mp3 collection in iTunes
    – I’m at around 40% despite adding a LOT of new music recently.
  3. Visit Boston.
  4. Visit New York City.
  5. Have a successful garden.
    – Check! though we haven’t had any vegetables yet – just lots and lots of wonderful herbs.
  6. Lose 10 pounds.
    – Check! kind of. I lost about 10-12 pounds but have regained a few of them, so after yesterday’s cookout piggery, I’m attacking this one with renewed focus.
  7. Maintain three months’ worth of bills in savings.
    – Nooo but I’m going to start a new budget with the next pay cycle, and I think that will help.
  8. Watch every Bond movie.
    – Falling down on the job on this one. Resolution tracking here.
  9. Get my car fixed.
    – Phil the Explorer has racked up well over a grand in repairs and diagnostic testing so far this year. The biggest bill of them all remains to be paid – he apparently needs a new computer. Personally, I’d rather spend the money on a new computer for ME, but Phil needs this so that we can sell him, so I’ll be ponying up in the next month or two.
  10. Be more like Leslie.
    – I don’t know if this is something that can be measured, but I’m trying.
  11. See two movies in the theatres each month.
    – I’ve seen 10 movies total, so I’m behind schedule by about two months. There are a bunch of things out right now that I want to see, though, so hopefully Keem and I can beat the heat in the theatres over the next couple of months.

Had a fun cookout yesterday. I made zucchini carpaccio salad and my mom’s warm potato salad. SB made eclair cake, which we spent all day sneakily nibbling on (and still have a large amount left over). Richard brought brains! We skipped the fireworks and were in bed by 10:30 after a long day of homework, cooking, and cook-out-ing. Fabulous.

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