bad Karma

Pure Protein Karma Double Chocolate snack bar

I was very excited about the Karma bars – a sub-brand of Pure Protein. They include primarily organic ingredients, and I was hoping that since there’s more sugar, they’d avoid the mushiness that the regular Pure Protein bars sometimes fall prey to. I was right in that regard. I initially thought that the bar had melted a bit because it was a little lumpy and weird – but NO! To my great delight, those lumps were chocolate chips. REAL chocolate chips. Off to a great start here!

The bar on the packaging looked very much like a Hershey bar – little squares of chocolate – but the bar in the package was nothing like it. The chocolate chips were sprinkled on top of Kashi-like crispy bits that tasted kind of like styrofoam, all on top of some fudgy brownie-like stuff. The top and the bottom parts were great, but I’m not so much into styrofoam. Sorry, Karma. You’ve let me down. Everything looked so promising – chocolate chips! 13 g protein! – but in the end, a disappointment.

The stats: 200 calories/7 g fat/23 g carbs/14 g sugar/13 g protein


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