Bacaro tasting menu

Things we ate tonight, in honor of our year-and-a-half-aversary:

– tiny balls of mozzarella in an olive tapenade
– decent but not earth-shattering bottle of pinot nero ($26, not $40)
– peeky-toe crab cakes with truffle aioli
– house-cured prosciutto with tempura battered garlic (something) and parmigiana
– risotto with sea urchin eggs, cherry tomatoes, and lemon zest
– (some kind of meaty white fish), bacon mashed potatoes, green beans, truffled broth
– 9 year aged Wisconsin cheddar, tiny slices of baguette, some kind of white cheese from Vermont
– mint meringue, sour cream whip, blackberry compote, hazelnut toffee
– French-press coffee
– little chocolatey cookies


0 thoughts on “Bacaro tasting menu

  1. Congratulations on your one year and a half anniversary! I think it’s important to celebrate the small things in a relationship. And it sounds like you got a tasty meal out of it.


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