Bad service = bad publicity

As a follow up to this post…I really don’t ever want to go to the Original Pancake House again. SB and I tried to go there for breakfast this morning, and it was an exercise in frustration. We were seated right away, and our order was taken promptly, but we then waited 20 minutes to see our server again, and that was only when we flagged him down because we had to leave. Our coffee – generally refilled about every 5 minutes – sat empty for almost 20, and SB’s water was never refilled. My food – when I finally got it after flagging down the server and asking for the check – was soggy (pancakes) and overly fried (canadian bacon).

So instead of being happily full of pancakes and ready to start class, I’m grossed out by the few bites I managed to get down in the car while speeding to the Education building, very frustrated, and generally resolved to NOT go there again. Honestly, we would’ve been better off in terms of service, quality, speed, and price if we’d just gone to McDonald’s.


0 thoughts on “Bad service = bad publicity

  1. Oooo, this is ironic. I almost suggested to Richard that we go to OHOP this morning, since it was a weekday and we might actually get in, unlike on the weekends. Guess I’m glad we went to Kopi instead!

    Sorry about your sucky start-to-the-day. 😦


  2. I was there yesterday and had a good experience, but several times I have gone and been served cold potatoes and cold, soggy waffles. And the place is just too expensive to be pulling that crap.

    I prefer Le Peep these days.


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