sunday this n that

It’s a beautifully sunny, very very windy Sunday morning, and I’m at Kopi, eating a bagel and ignoring the looming pile of work that MUST be completed today. I’m procrastinating for just five minutes more to post here and remind myself that I need to get back on track in a variety of ways. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks – but more broadly, I haven’t been doing me things in even longer. A lot of this is a result of having a full-time job plus full-time school plus full-time relationship plus full-time Internet habit – but somehow other people manage to do things like read and go to movies, so why can’t I?

So that’s my goal for the next few weeks – that along with all the other things I said I wanted to do. Dang!

things about being 27

So here’s a thing I’ve noticed lately: I have the tolerance of a 14 year old girl. I also get hangovers more regularly – if I have more than two drinks, I’m almost guaranteed a hangover in the morning. On the bright side, they’re not as obliterating as when I was 21 and would spend an entire Saturday on the couch unable to move because I was so sick and miserable. This is important because I have to write a paper today.

Suffice to say that last night’s GSLIS bar crawl was a success, I got ~4 hours of sleep, and this is going to be a loooooong day.

I’m having a frustrating sort of week for no real reason other than that I’m tired and ready for the semester to be over, which has put me totally on edge and shortened my usually slow temper considerably. I’ve been listening to The National constantly as I try to trudge through the last of my coursework and attempt to get ahead on work things. I could really use a chatty email or two today to keep me awake and alert and smiling and all of that. Please do your part and tell me what you’ve been up to! brixton [at] gmail [dot] com